Personal Capital vs Mint vs Betterment

Deciding which financial tracking software is right for you can be a daunting task. With so many options on the market, it’s important to know what each software is capable of and how it can help you meet your financial goals. Personal Capital, Mint, and Betterment are all popular choices, but which one is right for you?

Personal capital: Personal Capital is a comprehensive financial tracking tool that provides users with insights into their spending, investing, and net worth. The software also offers retirement planning and asset allocation tools. One of the main advantages of Personal Capital is that it integrates with over 14,000 financial institutions, making it easy to track all of your accounts in one place.

Mint: Mint is a budgeting tool that helps users track their spending and saving. It also has some features for investment tracking, but it doesn’t offer as much depth as Personal Capital. One of the main benefits of Mint is its ease of use; the software is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Mint also offers a number of helpful features such as bill pay and credit score monitoring.

Betterment: Betterment is an investment tracking tool that helps users plan for retirement. It offers a number of features such as tax-loss harvesting and automated portfolio rebalancing. One of the key advantages of Betterment is its low fees; the software charges just 0.25% annually for assets under management. Betterment is a good choice for investors who are looking for a simple way to track their investments and plan for retirement.

Both of these personal finance apps have an easy-to-use interface that lets the user sync their financial information into centralized accounts. Obviously, each of the characteristics has its particular characteristics and also its own advantages.

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of financial accounts. You may have multiple checking and savings accounts, a few different retirement accounts, and maybe even some investments. Keeping track of all of these can be difficult, so many people use financial tracking tools to help them stay organized.

There are a lot of different tracking tools available, but three of the most popular are Personal Capital, Mint, and Betterment. In this article, we’ll compare and contrast these three tools to help you decide which is right for you.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital app review is a website and app that provides users with a variety of tools to track their financial health. The site offers a 401(k) fee analyzer, investment checkup, and retirement planner, as well as a host of other resources.

While personal capital’s site is free to use, there is also a paid premium version that gives users access to additional features, such as human financial advisors. In addition to its web-based platform, Personal Capital also offers apps for iOS and Android devices. Overall, Personal Capital is a valuable resource for anyone looking to get a better handle on their finances.

Personal capital should not hurt those who are interested in investment. The tool tracks retirement accounts (e.g., 403b, TSA, 401k and many other taxable accounts and sometimes HSAs).

The company has recently added a tracking function to the Cryptocurrency Market. Once a tracking program is launched, TraderSpot is one of the best tools a retailer can use. You will find detailed information on each investment in your portfolio.

This tool is a great way to evaluate your investment cost and how they impact your wealth over the period. Its retirement plan is among the most useful today. In contrast, Mint Personal Capital may be your only financial tool. Mint and personal capital share the same for investment tracking.

Personal Capital is a financial aggregate that allows you access to all the information you need on a single website. This includes investing, savings, checking, credit card or other credit accounts. It handles investing for you however it does not carry out this function. Personal Capital offers two types of free products and premium products that are directly managed for your investment.

Personal Capital Investment Strategy

Personal Capital determines how many investments you need to invest in based on your personal risk tolerance. As with most investment managers, MPT manages your portfolios. MPT believes asset classes are more important than how individual securities are selected.

Generally, the Index Fund invests in six asset classes: US stocks, US bond markets, foreign stocks, international bond exchanges, alternatives and cash. Unlike index funds, the funds do not restrict investment in them.


Personal Capital Fees

Fees apply for the premium wealth management plan, which currently looks this way: One of the most positive things about working with a Personal Capital account is that the fees are all-inclusive. The use of personal capital to manage your investments is emphasized.

And the fee is limited to what your current account is worth. Accounts accessed via this website, but not actively managed by Personal Capital – e.g. 401k or investing with other brokerages, are not covered under this program.

Other personal capital features

Personal Capital offers users a variety of tools with real value. Personal Capital offers financial management solutions that focus on a broad range of investment management tools and services. It is an excellent service that we offer in this area.

Mint Review

One of Mint’s main advantages is its 100% free access. Using this service can be done easily. Just as with your personal wealth, Mint acts as an aggregate of your entire financial life. This includes bank and savings accounts, credit cards, loan and investment accounts, and other savings accounts.

The service has connections to almost all US bank accounts via the Internet. It is useful to create budgets, but it also helps you track your finances. Several of Mint’s features are as follows:

Investing With Mint

Mint does not actually manage your investment portfolio, however, they offer aggregated data that reveals your entire investment portfolio. They give advice, tips and resources for managing a portfolio according to your individual investment style if possible.

Besides giving a complete analysis of the fees associated with investments that may be hidden somewhere you may not view. They will notify you of this fee and propose alternative workarounds. Mint could be an ideal service if you want a free budget program.

Custom tips and savings

Mint analyzes your account and then recommends the best ways to reduce your expenses based on the goals. They even have a whole website that helps you save a lot of money when purchasing credit cards. But because they can examine all your accounts, they can also recommend banks and investments that offer better rates, higher returns, and lower risk.

Credit score monitoring

Mint provides credit monitoring with no credit card required to participate. The company also offers an entirely free monitoring service.

You’ll have your credit score checked every 2 hours by Equifax (a major credit reporting company). It can show you some of the factors that impact your credit scores and how they can improve them for you.

business plan

Mint bills

Mint gives you an option to create unlimited account numbers so you can use any credit card or other loan to add to the account. It also shows you cash or credit at the earliest of your payment. It allows you to pay your bills either by credit card or by scheduling payments. It is also available on smartphones as well as computers.

Mint Mobile App

The whole Mint Collection can be viewed on the Mint app. Get everything you want from our website while travelling. Check your financial records whenever possible. The mobile application is compatible with iPhones and iPads, as well as Android phones. Also, in the context of Mint, the app has a free option.

Mint Alerts

You will get email alert notifications when you change a specific financial plan on your mobile device. Alerts will be sent if your purchases exceed your budget or are delayed due to a loan change.

Setting goals

You are able to set a goal on Mint’s website. These could be savings strategies to pay back debts or pay off mortgage loans.


Mint offers 2-factor authentication to keep customers secure. Personal Capital has an alternative that requires registering a computer before using it. You will not be logged into our system without registering with your personal identification number through your email.

The service is not read-only; it is impossible for you to withdraw money from a checking account via these services, and data downloaded is based on a scanned database.

If compromised account data is entered into the system it is not a password for the user. Personal Capitals and The Mint App enable fingerprint login on all iPhones that support the feature.

Who is Mint Best For?

Mint is more effective than most other investment solutions and allows people to manage money efficiently with less investment. Mint’s savings and debt-repayment plans offer stronger security than personal capital and are more efficient.

A third option may be Mint’s ability to track a credit card’s credit history. It’s easy with a credit check to see a person’s credit score online.


The Betterment app is a free tools personal finance app phone application that helps users manage their money and make better financial decisions. The app provides a personalized experience by tracking users’ spending, income, and investment goals. Instilling money management goals and advice on how to improve one’s financial situation.

It acts like a financial advisor in the use of personal capital. The app’s features include:

*Track your spending: The app tracks your spending and provides insights into where you are spending your money.

*Create a budget: The app helps you create a budget and stick to it. It has budgeting features.

*Save money: The app offers tips on how to save money and invest in the future.

*Build credit: The app can help you build credit and avoid debt.

*Get out of debt: The app provides advice on how to get out of debt and improve your financial situation.

Personal Capital vs. Mint vs. Betterment—Overview

The software can help you manage your finances and save money in a quick manner. However, there’s no universal platform! In order truly measure Mint vs. Personal Capital vs. Betterment, it will help you to first learn which platforms have many overlaps but have very separate capabilities which can serve you. Personal Capital and Mint reviews will help you determine what app is best for your financial needs.

Personal Capital—Top Features

Personal Capital is a great tool for managing your finances. Here are some of its top features:

-Track your net worth: By linking all your financial accounts to Personal Capital, you can see your net worth at a glance. This is a great way to monitor your progress toward financial goals.

-Create a budget: The budgeting feature helps you track your spending and find ways to save money. You can set up budget categories and track your progress over time.

-Investment tools: Personal Capital provides tools to help you manage your investments. You can get detailed information about your portfolio, track investment performance, and more.

-Retirement planning: A retirement planner is a great tool for those who are looking to retire soon. It can help you estimate how much money you’ll need to have saved and make recommendations for investing.

Personal Capital is a powerful financial tool that can help you track your net worth, create a budget, manage investments, and plan for retirement. With so many features, it’s no wonder that Personal Capital is one of the most popular financial apps.


Common features

Mint and Personal Capital are two very popular money management apps. Both apps are free to use and offer a variety of features to help users stay on top of their finances. Here is a look at some of the key features shared by these two apps:

Budgeting tools: Mint and Personal Capital both offer users the ability to create a budget and track their spending. This can be a helpful way to stay mindful of where your money is going and make sure that you are staying within your means.

– Investment tracking: Both apps also offer investment tracking features. This can be helpful if you are trying to keep track of your progress towards financial goals such as retirement.

– Financial goal setting: Mint and Personal Capital can also help users set and track financial goals. This can be a useful tool for helping you stay on track with your long-term financial planning.

Overall, Mint and Personal Capital offer similar features that can be helpful for managing your finances. Both apps are free to use and offer a variety of tools for budgeting, tracking investments, and setting financial goals.

Customer Service

This was a big problem for many Mint users as they didn’t have customer service. Every time I have asked Personal Capital my queries have been answered quickly (around 24h) and the customer support is great.

Most Mint users report that if they experience some issues with their system Sync is basically useless. Customers of personal capital did not report problems contacting customer support.

Investment analysis

Mint offers no tool for managing your investment. Although the report shows your portfolio value over time, the application lacks any tools for helping you analyze asset allocations and fund expenses.

Personal Capital is an impressive resource for these goals. It offers a range of financial planning options and information to determine the future potential of the business.


Clearly Mint wins on budget. It provides an integrated and powerful budgeting tool that can be used on any device. Personal Capital, however, does not offer a complete tool for budgeting.

It may be possible for a business to monitor its financial condition but there can be no specific expenditure goal.


It is important to format financial information to your liking. Mint is the winner in the categories but is not a different coin from Mint or Personal Capital. Betterment Deluxe offers complete personalization and an online Betterment budget calculator.

These reports provide a unique perspective on finances. Each report allows the customization timeline and includes and excludes categories. We like to give quick information to our customers.

Can Personal Capital Import Betterment Data?

It’s a question many ask when personal capital dashboards are so popular. However, the data stored in Betterment cannot be imported. Mint, Quicken and Personal Capital can all import personal and business information directly into your bank account.

While Mint Personal Capital and Betterment allow exports as CSVs/ spreadsheets. You can use the data you already have.

Business and side hustles

Betterment stands apart from the rest of us. Why don’t we use a tool that helps us to divide our business and home spending? The program is designed to make your finances hassle-free as an independent professional. Use the financial planner and use personal capital free version.

Should you use both personal capital and mint?

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to consider using both personal capital and mint. First, personal capital provides a more comprehensive view of your overall financial situation. It includes not only your investment portfolio but also your credit score, debts, and other financial obligations.

This can give you a better sense of where you stand financially and how to make decisions that will improve your financial health. Additionally, personal capital also offers a wide range of features and tools that can help you monitor and manage your finances. For example, you can use the app to create a budget, track your spending, and set financial goals.

Mint, on the other hand, is focused primarily on helping you track your spending. It does this by connecting to your bank account and automatically categorizing your transactions. This can be helpful in getting a better understanding of where you are spending your money and whether you are sticking to your budget.

Mint also offers some basic features for tracking investments, but it doesn’t provide the same level of detail as personal capital. Ultimately, whether or not you use both personal capital and mint will come down to what’s most important to you in a financial tracking app. If you want a comprehensive view of your finances, personal capital is the way to go. If you’re primarily interested in tracking your spending, mint will likely be sufficient.

Both personal capital and the mint offer online resources for storing and managing your funds. It allows the individual user to link their account to a bank to download their transactions and balance automatically. Personal capital or mint are free tools that monitor cash flow.

As both applications can be downloaded free of charge, people often use both. The use of Mint can help you monitor your investments. The downside is that you have to use two different financial management applications to get everything in order. So while it’s the best solution for a single application, it should be the other.

Can personal capital or mints track Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

An ICO is used to monitor cryptocurrency ICOs and tokens. This can be used for tracking Meta tokens like SAND and MANA. Mint has also provided a free service for Coinbase Pro, Geomini, or BlockFI accounts, but Personal Capital cannot.

Rather Personal Capital lets you register your Cryptocurrencies and balances manually.


In conclusion, all three of these platforms have their pros and cons, but Personal Capital comes out on top for its combination of investment advice, retirement planning tools, and comprehensive tracking of your net worth. If you are looking for a one-stop shop to help you manage your finances, then Personal Capital is the platform for you.

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