How to Make Money Playing Online Games

The best way to make money playing online games is by finding games that offer in-game micro-transactions. These games will allow you to purchase items or bonuses using real-world money. Sometimes they’ll even offer special rewards for players who spend the most money.

Look for games that offer various micro-transactions, and be sure to read the fine print to find out how much each transaction will cost you. You can also make money by joining an online gaming community. Many of these communities will offer unique benefits or bonuses to their members.

Finally, you can make money by playing online games for fun. While you won’t make as much money this way, you can still have much fun and maybe even make new friends.

What are some of your favourite gaming games? How can you make good profits? How can you make money by playing games? It can be an exciting new way to earn money online. Play videos for cash. Tutorials can assist you to know how to play money making game.

Play games on Twitter or Facebook and earn extra income. Is that cool? Even the ninth or eighth-grade teachers may tell us that it’s possible to make money playing video games. Many people can also turn their passion for Grand Theft Auto, Pok√©mon and mobile gaming into a job.

Online games pay for playing games. There are numerous interesting sites and apps for making cash through online gaming, shopping, surveys, food, etc. Participants can receive PayPal Cash or any other credit cards, local discounts and rewards points that can be used in various ways. No worries, even if you’re not a professional player, although gaming experience may come in handy.

Indeed, you can easily make money by watching videos in modern society. There are many other success stories of people making money playing online games. Making money by playing games should not be a good idea unless you’re young, single and willing to devote many years.

It may sound too good to be accurate, but you can make money playing online games in several ways. In this article, we will talk about a few of the most popular methods used by gamers to earn some extra cash. So if you’re looking for a way to make extra money and have some fun simultaneously, keep reading!

1. Participate in Gaming tournaments

A great way to make money playing games is through a gaming tournament, a competition between gamers, usually to win prizes. Usually, gaming tournaments are organized events in which participants compete in video games. Some tournaments are open to anyone who wants to compete, while others are invitation-only or may require qualifying rounds.

Many gaming tournaments range from small local events to large international competitions. Many gamers participate in gaming tournaments as a way to make money. While the prize pools for these events vary widely, some game tournaments offer large cash prizes for the winners.

For many professional gamers, participating in tournaments is their primary source of income. In addition to prize money, many gaming tournaments also offer sponsorships and other opportunities for participants to earn additional income.

Gaming tournaments provide a way for gamers to come together and test their skills against one another. Game tournaments can be large or small, with many participants or just a few. Some tournaments are organized by professional gaming organizations, while others are put together by groups of friends. No matter the size or scale, participating in a gaming tournament can be a fun and exciting experience.

Tournaments provide an opportunity for gamers to showcase their skills and earn prizes. They also allow gamers to meet new people and make new friends. For many, gaming tournaments are a way to socialize and connect with others who share their passion for gaming. Participating in a tournament can be a great way to improve your skills and have some fun at the same time. Game tournaments are worth millions of dollars.

Why it’s difficult to make money gaming this way?

Many professional gamers find it difficult to make money in gaming tournaments. The prize pools for these events are often small, and the competition is fierce. To make a living as a professional gamer, one must consistently place in the top tier of these tournaments.

It is difficult to do because there are so many talented gamers out there who are also competing for the same prize money. Furthermore, many tournament organizers do not put enough money into the prize pools to make it worth the time and effort for professional gamers to compete. As a result, many professional gamers find it more challenging to make money than they would if they played games in other types of tournaments.

Why it’s difficult to make money through video game tournaments?

There is no single winner in life. You can be a World Champion and have no wins. You may not have to pay hotel fees or travel expenses even when you win money. Having no consistent leadership means one cannot live off the winnings, not just the winnings.

The sports industry remains relatively young. Often the salaries in teams of repute are lower in the first two years. The industry is plagued by fraudsters who take advantage of naive players. Stories of people not being paid are frequently mentioned.


2. Play online video games

It’s entirely possible to make money playing video games. However, the fact is that it takes a lot of effort. Many will give up after a few years (or months) because the labour aspect makes playing video games less enjoyable.

Instead of making what they enjoy into a career, individuals despise what they once adored. There are many ways to make money by playing online video games. One option is to sign up for a website that allows you to compete in tournaments for cash prizes.

Another way is to stream your gameplay on Twitch or YouTube platforms and generate income from advertisements. Finally, many game developers are now hiring professional gamers to test their new games before they are released to the public.

Videos often pay directly. In fact, you can also earn money online by playing video games, playing character levels you have mastered and becoming a Twitch streamer. In one extreme example, Tyler Blevins has earned over $10m from online game plays.

QurekAlone is a free game that gives you opportunities for real-time brain activities like Daily Live quizzes, which you can play free and win cash prizes daily. You have the option of completing an hour-long quiz a day and earning additional prizes. Sites to make money playing games StartPlaying is one of several online platforms that can help you earn money playing games.

Apps and websites that pay you to play video games

If we want a way to make money online playing games, we have many other options. Many websites and apps are used to play video games.

Skillz Gaming

Skills Gaming has an online platform for eSport that offers players different games. As if it were Blitz, it also has puzzles, a trivia game and fighting games as you compete with others. Earning is made by PayPal cash or through a PayPal payment. Skillz Gaming can now be purchased as a site game and mobile app for Android and iPhone.


With the Blitz game, users can simultaneously play with others and earn cash by redeeming points for gift cards. You can quickly solve various puzzles by playing many games, including bingo, helix jumped, helix thrown, Blitz, blackjack and poker. Blitz is currently available for Android & iOS devices.

The very Dice game combines two simple rules with reloadable ticket prizes. Each player has a ticket awarded for each roll. Tickets can be exchanged for other items, like electronics, rather than gift cards or vouchers.

Brain fight

Brain Battle gives users free cash when playing video games and can earn money. When a user plays video games, he is entered in a draw for cash to win cash prizes. Brain Battle is available for mobile on iPhone or Android.

Why it’s difficult to make money gaming this way?

It is difficult to make money playing video games online for many reasons. First, there is a lot of competition. Thousands of people are playing the same game and vying for the same prizes. Second, most games require a lot of time and effort to master.

Those who spend the most time playing are usually the ones who win the most enormous rewards. Finally, many games are designed to be addictive. Hence, players often spend more time and money than they originally intended.

3. Sell Accounts or Digital Items

Depending on how much time you spend playing a game, you can sometimes “flip” a player’s account or in-game items. For example, it could be done for people who want to sell their Steam Cards.

Although you’re probably not making much money from this, you could quickly generate enough cash for a game. You can even sell an account. The Overwatch example uses the practice that smurfs use secondary accounts much less skilled than their actual level. Since competitive matches require an optimum skill level, players may try buying an account for money playing games.

There are also avenues where gamers train others on how to play the money-making game either physically or online.


Why it’s difficult to make money gaming this way?

Although these games are not perfect, they require less dedication than previously mentioned. If your account does not have enough space, your time is limited, and a few hours are spent earning it is barely worth pursuing.

Playtests are boring. The process of grinding varies from game to game. In some games selling the account or other items is against the rules.

4. Create video game guides and tutorials

Creating video game guides and video game tutorials is a great way to make money. You can help gamers go from feeling frustrated to triumphant by providing precise and concise instructions. Not only will you be helping people to improve their gaming skills, but you’ll also be earning some cold hard cash. The best part is that you can do this from the comfort of your own home. So what are you waiting for? Start creating those guides and tutorials today!

Many players that want to learn new games will enjoy reading guidebooks. Another way to earn money is by providing the information they need to know. It is possible to take several routes in the direction of game guide writing, including developing a website and publishing the written guide on Amazon. The first two are usually monetized with advertising donations, while e-book routes make income from sales.

Video game tutorials published through Youtube channels create a pool of money from watching videos.

Why it’s difficult to earn money through guides and video game tutorials?

You can earn money by preparing a guide for popular games – the more popular your game, the harder the competition. You must give more information than others can give; this involves investing time in a professional position.

You also require good writing ability. The guide must be detailed, extensive, enjoyable, and understandable. Creating content for websites and e-book publishing is a must.

5. Try Your Hand at Games Journalism

You can write reviews and interviews based on a game category or industry. Those who write for another website are entitled to freelancer payments daily as freelance journalists. If you’re building up a play game website, you can make revenue from advertising, donations or similar sources. Most video game journalists earn cash for participating in live professional gaming events.


Check the open positions on a small casino website. Make a few writing examples ready. Bring in your application (including a sample of your writing). Unless you have the experience to offer, you should consider writing freelance on small websites first. You have to write daily to gain experience in article writing and blogging.

Why it’s difficult to make money writing for gaming industry?

Like any other journalism, gaming journalism is competitive and difficult to find. Many gamers want to write about games. Unless a writer writes on an existing blog, you could work very little while creating a portfolio and showing off their skills.

If you start a website, gaining an audience takes many years. Journalists must work hard. You must get all sorts of information and sources from every source to find the scoop. Reviews & interviews take time for the right job at hand.

6. Host a Gaming podcast or YouTube channel

Try creating an hourly, weekly and monthly game show. It can be round table discussions involving opinions, interviews with famous athletes or tips for an exciting game. Podcasting is also possible through sponsorship, advertisements, or other forms of YouTube monetization. It can be supported, mainly via Patreon accounts.

Why Earning Money With Gaming Shows Is Difficult?

You must create an impressive audience for your business. You have a show that will get enough audience to keep watching. Those shows that are boring are not going to be successful. It’s kind of like combining Guide and LiveStream.

Your guide creators must be good guides and have the skill and charisma to do the work. Plus, podcasts can’t contain the depth of the focus, or your personality can be more specific than a podcaster. You could create an online gaming news channel to cover particular genres, such as gaming.

7. Get paid to Live Streaming

Assist in growing large and loyal audiences by selling your product or service through advertisements or monetizing through donations and subscriptions. The most popular streaming platform is Twitch, although YouTube can also offer a choice. You can also partner with gaming sites to provide streaming services.

You can also engage in live trivia game shows and allow participants to solve multiple puzzles.

Why it’s difficult to earn money by streaming?

Live streams need long hours to build an audience. You can’t get ten concurrent views at the end of several months. In reality, many streaming video games don’t get to these levels, and to earn an income through streaming, they need to have thousands of viewers per month.

Streams are saturated, but you can still play games. Create your unique humour or character by being World-Class Players and playing the games nobody else plays. Playing games as a professional will drive traffic to your stream and allow clients to play games.

8. Get paid to test games

Games have various stages of development before their release. At this point, game developers need to get an outsider to play games testing their games. Playtesters are obliged to examine the development’s requests, including finding and documenting the bug.

Testers will make money playing games and receive cash rewards from the video game industry and even the major league gaming circuit.

Why it’s difficult to earn a living by testing games?

The challenge of becoming testers can get quite overwhelming in the past and can cause some mental strain. Playing intentionally broken games gets tedious very quickly. And unless one gets a position in a major developer’s game development department. Most game tests are mobile games that are no more interesting than full game releases on PC or console platforms if they are.


Although making money playing online games may seem like a far-fetched dream, it is possible with the right approach. Following the tips we’ve outlined in this article gives you the best chance to start generating some extra income from your gaming habit. Start putting these strategies into practice and see how much money you can make!

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